Title Lunch Cinema of KAIST Human Rights Week 2017
Author 인권윤리센터
Creation date 2017-10-23 11:38:04

2017 KAIST Human Rights Week

Lunch Cinema

1) Date/Time: 2017.10.31(Tue)~11.2(Thu) / 12:00~2:30 pm
2) Place: Multipurpose Hall 1st Floor of International Center (W2-1)
3) Applicability: All members of the KAIST community

* Sandwiches and beverages provided for the first 40 attendees  



10.31(Tue): 12 Years a Slave (Steve Mcqueen, 2014)

11.1(Wed): Minority Opinion (Kim Sung-jae, 2015)

11.2(Thu): Suffragette (Sarah Gavron, 2016)

* English subtitle will be offered for a korean movie.